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Music. Art. Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll. Psychedelia. Surrealism. Plants & Gardening. Graphic Design. Experimenting With My Mind. Reading and Writing. Rockstars. Animal Crossing. Pokemon. Doctor Who. American Horror Story. Thinking. Raymond Christopher Carpenter.

The Beatles. Pink Floyd. The Black Keys. Arctic Monkeys. MGMT. Led Zeppelin. The Doors. Franz Ferdinand. Fallout Boy. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Green Day (1992-2004, minus 1997-2001). Vampire Weekend. Death Cab For Cutie.

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Alcohol vs marijuana


This PSA was brought to you by Dr. Snoop Dogg.

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A man pretending to be a cat. Brilliant

Literally me.

i love this

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Adriana by Russell James 



This post is to mourn the loss of Chicken Fries at Burger King. 



The Black keys / Johnny Depp


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I’m literally my own best friend like I have inside jokes with myself and sometimes I’ll think something funny and start laughing out loud at how funny I am

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Christianist Texas Republican Senator Dan Patrick accidentally praises gay marriage ruling 

so good

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Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again


So I got my hair cut and highlighted a little and this is the first time I’ve straightened it since September.
Also, my outfit for the night.

Rules of My Blog
  1. If you’re sensitive, belligerently opinionated, easily offended, or “triggered” by anything, don’t fucking follow me. I will not tag triggers, censor anything, or hold back my opinions, because fuck you, this is my blog.
  2. If you’re a tumblr-“feminist”, don’t fucking follow me. you’re trash, you’re not making a difference, and you’re making the actual feminists out there look bad.
  3. If you’re thinking about asking me to tag triggers, or censor anything, or if you’re thinking about sending me hate, don’t fucking bother. I don’t care.
  4. Lastly, I know this post is making me come across as an insensitive bitch, but I’m a decent person I think. You can talk to me about whatever, and as long as you’re being nice to me I’ll be nice to you