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Things I Love:
Music. Art. Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll. Psychedelia. Surrealism. Plants & Gardening. Graphic Design. Experimenting With My Mind. Reading and Writing. Rockstars. Animal Crossing. Pokemon. Doctor Who. American Horror Story. Thinking. Raymond Christopher Carpenter.

The Beatles. Pink Floyd. The Black Keys. Arctic Monkeys. MGMT. Led Zeppelin. The Doors. Franz Ferdinand. Fallout Boy. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Green Day (1992-2004, minus 1997-2001). Vampire Weekend. Death Cab For Cutie.

My Face My Love
"Ringo, get your crayons, we’ve got a job for you."
John Lennon, when he heard that The Beatles would be making the cartoon film Yellow Submarine. (via uncuntcious)

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Matt Helders for Rhythm Magazine

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what are the symptoms of being fergalicious

Misspelling tasty

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The irony

Crying just a little hahah


What? I didn’t know that. Little pussy pups :3


KNOCK KNOCK on yo front doooor

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Watching porn while wearing beats is so wild


you can hear shawtys father crying in disappointment 



I will never forget the Tenth Doctor’s face when he sees the newly decorated Tardis



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“Please do not enter the garden area”

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I want a French bulldog.